2019 EKISC Agriculture Learning Symposium on Invasive Weed Management



Grasslands and Rangeland Enhancement Program​

Without the generous support of the Grassland and Rangeland Enhancement Program the 2019 Agriculture Learning Symposium on Invasive Weed Management would not exist. 

The GREP aims to:

  • promote the stewardship of grassland resources

  • maintain and enhance biodiversity and long-term fish and wildlife productivity in public grassland ecosystems

  • improve compatibility between livestock management and recreation use.


Bayer Crop Sciences

Bayer continues to focus on creating innovative crop solutions to help famers control existing crop threats, get ahead of emerging ones and ensure we are offering a diverse set of products, from seed to harvest. Bayer is a Herbicide manufacturer with product for invasive weeds in western Canada.

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Tipi Mountain Native Plants

Tipi Mountain Native Plant Nursery is the premier native plant nursery in the Southern Interior/Kootenay Region of British Columbia. We are a 100% aboriginal owned business and employ several First Nation and non-First Nation staff.

In addition to native plant propagation, we also offer re-vegetation planning and implementation services, as well as custom seed harvesting, cleaning, and propagation. When we collect seed for your project, we ensure that seed was collected from the correct ecosystem to further enhance the success of your project.

Our business is focused on providing native plant material that is local to your project, and is suited for ecological restoration, reclamation, site remediation, and landscaping uses.

Interior Seed