These resources are specifically related to water-based invasive species management

T.I.P.S for Aquariums and Water Gardens

An ISCBC publications discussing how the intentional or accidental release of aquatic invasive plants from aquariums and water gardens into BC's natural waterbodies is a primary pathway of introduction.

Canadian Columbian Basin Regional Framework For Aquatic Invasive Species


This Program Framework was designed primarily to increase collaboration between regional invasive species

organizations and their partners in the Basin, such as local stewardship groups and provincial agencies, for delivering

their AIS programs.

BC Aquatic Invasive Species Survey Methods

This document outlines the appropriate methods to use for reporting new sightings, collecting voucher specimen and surveying aquatic invasive species within British Columbia.

Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada- AIS

Regulations, research and action plans for reducing the spread of aquatic invasive species.


Eurasian Watermilfoil Information Sheet

An information sheet on identification, impacts, and management tips for Eurasian Watermilfoil. 

T.I.P.S. for Water-based Recreation

An ISCBC publication which provides a summary of best management practices designed to assist boaters, anglers, and hunters in preventing the spread of "unwanted" aquatic invasive species. 

AIS Best Practices 


An ISCBC publication for boating industry staff, volunteers and clients to incorporate best practices to prevent and control aquatic invasive species.

Aquatic Invasive Species of BC Database

Site locations of aquatic invasive species occurrences throughout the province. The aquatic invasive species include species of amphibians, fishes, invertebrates, plants, alga and turtles.