Clean, Drain, Dry

Invasive species are a threat to East Kootenay aquatic and riparian ecosystems, such as streams, lakes, and wetlands, and the species that rely on them. Boats and other watercraft create an easy pathway for invasive species to enter key habitat within the East Kootenay lakes, streams, and wetlands. They spread alarmingly fast between waterbodies and can create lasting ecological and economic damage, especially to the recreational areas that we enjoy.

Clean Drain Dry encourages you to 'clean, drain, dry' all boats and equipment to help reduce the spread of invasive plants and organisms to BC waters.

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As of 2015, it is mandatory for all watercraft to stop at road side inspection stations. Watercraft includes sailboats, motorboats, car toppers, kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards being transported in BC. Dedicated crews of inspectors check and if necessary decontaminate mussel infested boats. This approach has been taken by other jurisdictions in the Pacific Northwest, and proven to be highly effective in educating boaters on the risk of invasive mussel introduction.

The East Kootenay is free of invasive Zebra and Quagga mussels, let's keep it that way!