& Contracting

EKISC provides support, informational resources, knowledge, expertise, and advice to local and regional government staff and RDEK community members. 

EKISC also engages in Fee for Service agreements – stakeholders hire EKISC for consulting, education, or invasive species control services. 

We can plan or develop a invasive plant management strategy/plan specific to your requirements. In addition, we can put an existing plan to use; we have the ability to assess and treat large sites such as gravel pits or grazing pastures, as well as smaller, or more remote sites.


To hire the services of an EKISC professional, please contact to set up a consultation and get a quote for treatment. Treatment will be considered due to varying factors, including the size of the job and availability. 

​Alternatively, you may want to contact the RDEK to learn more about the NIP program.


The Rapid Invasive Plant Response Squad, better known as the RIPRS are part of the EKISC field crew. They are highly informed and experienced individuals who respond to to EDRR reports quickly and precisely. Their response is tailored to suit the needs of the landscape, ecosystem, and preference of the land manager through mechanical, chemical, or biocontrol methods.

EKISC also hires local contractors to help with the workload: 

Mountain View Resources Ltd.
Blacktail Resources Ltd.
BDK Resource Services Ltd.
West Fork Resource Management 

RMC Enterprises


Interested in becoming a contractor? Contact Katie Reid: