EKISC works with both formal and non-formal educators, to deliver valuable invasive species education to our community. EKISC supports educators to integrate invasive species education into their current teaching practices to enhance and diversify their student’s learning both in, and outside of, their classrooms.


We also deliver educational programs and workshops of our own. Check out our events page for workshops related to invasive species, or if you have a group that would like to arrange a workshop, contact

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Pro-D Day Teacher Training. Find out what invasive species are threatening your local biodiversity, what you can do to help, and learn how to link invasive species to your classroom. Learn about invasive species and take home hands-on activities. 

Involve your class in a  a weed pull or restoration event with your class, all while tying in the themes of invasive species and biodiversity!

EKISC can help you find a site for your event, provide you with work gloves and some tools, and a member of our staff to help teach. 

Talk to us about how we can help integrate invasive species into your program!

Some resources created by the Invasive Species Council of BC


Ranching Related Lessons & Activities

These lessons were written and approved by Idaho teachers although they are quite relevant to us here in the RDEK. Activities are supplemental work for students. Lessons and activities are sorted by topics.

To purchase a copy of Teaching About Invasive Species contact

Green Teacher dedicated a whole activity book to invasive species! Check it out! 

More activities for your Classroom:


Sensory Map (Grade 1-2)

Musical Mussels (Grade 2-5) 

Aquarium Poster (Grade 3-5) 

Native / Invasive Plants (Grade K-4)

Weedy Scavenger Hunt (Grade K-2) 

Invader Tag (Grade 1-7) 

Biodiversity Scavenger Hunts (Grade 1-7) 

Wanted Posters (Grade 1-5) 

Invasive Plant Detectives (Grade 1-5) 

We Are Being Invaded (Grade 1-4) 

Vectors of Spread (Grade K-7) 

Mussels on Trail the Play 

In-Credibly Informed (Grade 6)

Create a Plant Field Guide (Grade 7)

Resources and Publications

CBEEN Educational Resource Page

A summary of over 25 excellent environmental education resources available to support both classroom and community-based programs.

Educational Resources from ISCBC 

There are many great resources from ISCBC available for educators and youth to learn about invasive species in BC.

BC's New Curriculum

B.C.'s new curriculum has been designed by teams of B.C. educators based on sound research, extensive consultation, and classroom successes from around the world.

Invasives: Plants on the Move

A K-12 curriculum designed for teacher who want to integrate the topic of invasive weeds into their classroom, develop weed awareness, and a better understanding of the threat of invasive plants. 

Ag in the Classroom

Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C) is a charitable organization, operating across the country delivering accurate, balanced and current, curriculum‐linked resources on the agriculture and food industry.

Aliens Among Us 

A travelling Royal BC Museum exhibition on British Columbia’s invasive species. The exhibition invites visitors to interact with some of the province’s best-known and least-loved invasive species. 

Wildscreen Arkive

Feeling creative, crafty or playful? Get stuck in with Arkive’s awesome animal activities! Free to download, our activities include species origami, treasure hunts and making shoebox habitats! Have a wild time!