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Join us for our virtual 2021 Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, November 17th from 930 am – 300 pm MST.

The AGM will include a brief overview of 2020 operational activities, an update on 2021 field and outreach programming, as well as our annual Business Meeting. The keynote speakers will give us an in depth look at three unique topics around invasive species management. We will finish the meeting with four speedy sessions, designed to spark discussion about issues directly impacting the East Kootenay.

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JANE MANGOLD, Montana State University

Managing Weeds after Wildfire - a discussion on how fire affects plant communities, including weeds, based on fire severity and how prevalent weeds were prior to the fire. It will also touch upon how fire suppression activities can lead to an increase in weeds. Fire presents an opportunity to manage weeds, and this will be discussed as well, including weed management through herbicides, biological control, and revegetation.

MYRA JUCKERS, University of Saskatchewan

Sulphur Cinquefoil Suppression Through Target Grazing and Milestone, its Seed Bank Legacy, and the Importance of Revegetation - a discussion on management strategies to control sulphur cinquefoil, with a focus on targeted grazing and chemical treatments. Seed bank legacy, risk of re-invasion, and the need for revegetation within invasive plant management efforts will also be discussed. 

CATHERINE TARASOFF, Agrowest Consulting Scientists Ltd.

Could Biocontrol Resistance be a Factor In The Resurgence of Saint John's Wort - a discussion on the field indicators for biocontrol resistance in St. John's wort. The talk will include an overview of the current state of biocontrol and St. John's wort, as well as next steps in the research.