PlantWise is a provincial program that supports the (ornamental) horticulture industry's transition to become invasive-free, and is helping gardeners and industry understand which plants are invasive and harmful to our communities, and to make 'PlantWise' choices. To achieve these goals, EKISC works with the Invasive Species Council of BC works collaboratively with plant growers, retailers, specifiers, and landscapers across the East Kootenay.

Gardeners, you've got the final word!

Gardeners have the power to drive down the sale of invasive plants in the East Kootenay. As a socially conscious consumer you can use your voice and purchasing power to halt unsustainable business practices and temper unnecessary invasive species introductions.  Consumer power has profound implications for companies, it can change the way the East Kootenay shops. Look for the PlantWise logo at your favourite nursery or landscaper and rest assured that they've committed to selling only non-invasive plants and seeds.  

What Can You Do?


Take these actions to help prevent the establishment of invasive plants in the East Kootenay:

  • Replace invasive plants and/or select non-invasive exotic or native plants.

  • Be suspicious of exotic plants promoted as “fast spreaders” or “vigorous self-seeders” as these are often invasive plants.

  • Use wildflower seed mixes with caution, as many often contain invasive plant seeds.

  • Trade only non-invasive plants and seeds.

  • Encourage local botanical gardens, nurseries, and gardening clubs to promote, display, or sell only non-invasive plants.

  • Control invasive plants appropriately (ie. hand-pulling, digging, cutting, and mowing).

  • Deadhead flowers, seed pods, and berries of known invasive plants to prevent reproduction through seeds.

  • Dispose of invasive plant parts and seeds responsibly (i.e. bag and landfill or incinerate). Never compost. 

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East Kootenay PlantWise Partners:

East Kootenay businesses that sign and submit the PlantWise Code of Conduct automatically have their name and link to their website posted on the EKISC, ISCBC, and PlantWise websites. Your business will be seen as an industry leader in responsible gardening by setting an example for other businesses in eliminating the introduction and spread of invasive ornamentals. Your voluntary and successful participation in the PlantWise program is one more thing that you can do to attract and retain customers.