Strategic Invasive Plant Control of Leafy Spurge (SIPCoLS)


According to the 2013 Global Invasive Species Database, Leafy Spurge (Euphorbia esula) is the 36th worst invasive species on the planet. Unfortunately, this species has gained a foothold in the East Kootenay.


Of particular concern are Leafy Spurge populations found in the Columbia Valley region of the East Kootenay. Leafy Spurge is located on both private and Crown land here and threatens the Columbia Valley Wetlands Wildlife Management Area (CVWWMA), a large wetland complex of global significance. 

Many local private landowners have undertaken efforts to control this species. However, increased treatments were needed on Crown land to protect the investments already made by landowners and, to ensure that it didn’t firmly establish itself in the CVWWMA.

In 2011, EKISC received funding from the Regional District of East Kootenay – Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund to chemically control Leafy Spurge in a more intensive and coordinated method on Crown land in the area.

The project has been successful to date, with a marked decrease in the distribution and density of Leafy Spurge in the Columbia Valley. 

EKISC continues to receive funding from the Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund for this project and is very appreciative for the support that is has received thus far. Together, we will continue to battle this terrible species and in doing so, protect the economic, social and ecological values of both private lands and the CVWWMA.