your time. 

If you have an interest in what we do and would like to help shape the future of our organization, the East Kootenay Invasive Species Council always has room for volunteers! Much of our success can be traced back to the vision, skills, expertise, and commitment that volunteers have provided to the organization since it was formed in 2008.​


What are the benefits of volunteering?
  • An invitation to our annual volunteer appreciation BBQ

  • Free courses on invasive plant management

  • Get to know people in your neighbourhood

  • Take part in a great cause!

While we have room for volunteers of all types, we are always looking for Directors and Committee Members.

Board of Directors

Directorships are for two year terms and require a minimum commitment of six hours per month to attend Board and Committee Meetings or participate in Conference Calls. There is often follow-up work that comes from these meetings. 

Honorariums are paid to directors and training and personal/professional development opportunities are also available. The best part is that you are sure to learn a lot and will help lead the organization forward. We are also a fun group of people to spend time with!

Committee Members

EKISC is also looking for committee members for each of its six committees. Committee members have terms of one year only and generally require less commitment that directorships. The six committees of EKISC are varied and specialized.

EKISC’s committees include:

  • Executive Committee

  • Board Development Committee

  • Finance and Fundraising Committee

  • Education and Outreach Committee

  • Planning and Strategic Priorities Committee

  • Human Resources Committee


Perhaps, you have some relevant skills and experience in one of these areas that you would like to share? Or, maybe you would like to build onto your skill set and experience in one of these areas? If so, consider a position as a committee member.