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Whoopsie Daisy!

I accidentaly bought a wildflower seed pack that contains Oxeye daisy and now its EVERYWHERE!


Oxeye daisy (Dog daisy, Marguerite) was first introduced through seed mixes and is still commonly sold in many store-bought wildflower mixes and remains popular among gardeners despite its negative impacts. It was introduced from its native range of Europe. It spreads rapidly and is often found in pastures, grasslands, waste areas and along roadsides. A single plant can produce up to 26,000 seeds that can survive in the soil for up to 20 years. In large infestations, Oxeye daisy reduces the number of native plants and reduces forage for livestock and wildlife. Oxeye daisy is designated as a Regional Noxious Weed by the BC Weed Control Act. 


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Whoopsie Daisy Dad Cap

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