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Interested?  Concerned?  Want to learn more about invasive species?

Consider becoming a member of the East Kootenay Invasive Species Council – it’s free and easy!


There are no requirements to become a member. Members can be individuals, not-for-profits societies, businesses, government agencies, First Nations, industry, educational institutions and list goes on...

Members have voting privileges at EKISC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and receive periodic electronic updates as well as, invitations to field trips, conferences, and other special events.  

What is the cost of a membership? FREE!


EKISC is running an open membership program, which means that all memberships are available at no cost. Although we welcome you to donate!

Benefits of becoming a member include:

  • Opportunities to network with other organizations

  • Opportunities to elect or run for positions on the Board of Directors at our Annual General Meetings

  • Be the first to know the latest news about volunteer opportunities and events in the community

  • Be part of efforts to protect the Regional District of the East Kootenay from invasive species

  • Invitations to Special Events and Webinars

  • Discounts on EKISC merchandise & free workshops


If you have an interest in what we do and would like to help shape the future of our organization, the East Kootenay Invasive Species Council always has room for volunteers! Much of our success can be traced back to the vision, skills, expertise, and commitment that volunteers have provided to the organization since it was formed in 2008.​


Benefits of volunteering with us include:

  • An invitation to our annual volunteer appreciation BBQ

  • Free courses on invasive plant management

  • Get to know people in your neighborhood

  • Take part in a great cause!


Community weed pulls provide an excellent opportunity for a group of people to get outdoors, learn about invasive plants and control the spread of these destructive species. Organizing these events can also help your group or organization earn some cash through a stipend!

The East Kootenay Invasive Species Council has had a program in place for many years to assist with Community Weed Pulls all over the region. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact EKISC with your proposed weed pull event.

  2. Set a date with EKISC and spread the word about the weed pull!

  3. On the day of the weed pull, EKISC will provide gloves, ID books, refreshments & garbage bags.

  4. EKISC will also provide a staff person for the event and will make a short presentation to help with the identification of species and will describe the threats that invasive plants pose, etc.

  5. The organizers need to provide vehicle(s) to transport the bagged invasive plants to the nearest landfill or transfer station after the event.

  6. At the completion of the event, EKISC may issue a $200.00 cheque to the organizing group.  EKISC will not issue the cheque to an individual. Community associations, not-for-profits, schools, service clubs and charities have all received stipends in the past.

  7. EKISC has limited time and funds available for these events. If you are interested in organizing an event, don’t delay in contacting us

Organizing a weed pull is a great way to give back to your community. EKISC likes to make it fun and worth while too! Send us a message and tell us a little bit about your group and if you have any specific areas or dates that you'd like to pull at, let us know.


Let's pull together...

Thanks for reaching out! We will be in touch soon about your weed pull!

What if EKISC isn't available the day we want to host a weed pull event?

Well - we have a brand new RENTABLE WEED PULL KIT Program in place! 

We have partnered with the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program to create rentable weed pull kits for the East Kootenay Weed Warriors. This initiative aims to empower and engage community members in the battle against invasive species. The Rentable Weed Pull Kit provides individuals with the necessary tools and resources to effectively remove invasive plants and restore the native ecosystem.


The Rentable Weed Pull Kit is a comprehensive package available for rental, designed to equip residents with everything they need to combat invasive species effectively. The kit includes a range of essential items that make the weed removal process more accessible and efficient.


Hand Tools: The kit contains a selection of hand tools suitable for various weed removal tasks. These tools are specifically chosen to facilitate the extraction of invasive plants while minimizing damage to the surrounding environment.


Garbage Bags: Proper disposal of invasive plants is crucial to prevent their reestablishment. The Rentable Weed Pull Kit includes durable garbage bags to collect and dispose of the pulled weeds responsibly.


Gloves of All Sizes: To ensure personal safety and comfort during weed removal, the kit offers gloves in various sizes, including kid sizing! These gloves protect users from potential allergens and irritants that may be present in invasive plants.


ID Books and Information Cards: Recognizing the importance of education and awareness, the kit includes identification books and informative cards about invasive plants. These resources enable users to identify and differentiate between native and invasive species, empowering them to take targeted action against the invaders.


Grass Seed: The Rentable Weed Pull Kit goes beyond removing invasive plants—it also promotes the restoration of native vegetation. To aid in this process, the kit includes a grass seed for the East Kootenay area that can be used to reseed areas affected by invasive species removal.


Our Rentable Weed Pull Kit is a valuable resource for community members who wish to actively contribute to the control and eradication of invasive plants. With this comprehensive package of tools, information, and resources, individuals can effectively remove invasive species while helping restore and protect the region's natural environment. By working together, the community can make a significant difference in preserving the East Kootenay's unique ecosystems for generations to come.


COST: To ensure the availability of these valuable resources, EKISC requires a $40 deposit for each rentable weed pull kit. This deposit covers any potential damages or losses and ensures the sustainability of the program. Additionally, EKISC retains a $20 donation from the deposit to support their ongoing conservation initiatives.


Kit Contents

  • 20 flags: to flag plants ahead of time, super helpful for kid groups!

  • 1 roll of flagging tape: to flag plants and areas of work

  • Garbage Bags: all invasive plant parts must be collected and placed in garbage bags and taken to the transfer station

  • First Aid Kit: standard first aid kit for any cuts or scrapes that might occur at your weed pull

  • 2 kneeling pads: it gets hard being down there - kneeling pads are key to put in the long day!

  • 1 large lopper: great for Burdock, Baby’s Breath or other large, woody invaders

  • 2 trowels

  • 4 hand shovels

  • 5 hand rakes

  • 1 hook knife: careful, she’s sharp!

  • 3 hand clippers

  • 5 cat paw weeders

  • 15 sets of adult gloves

  • 10 sets of kids gloves

  • 2 AB invasive plant id books

  • 2 BC invasive plant id books

  • 10 common invasives detail cards

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