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Invasive species are a regional, provincial and global concern. The prevention, management and ultimate control of invasive species requires collaboration and the continued efforts of all. EKISC currently works with specific programs to deliver consistent messaging regarding the spread of invasive species. 


Partner Programs.

Play Clean Go is an education and outreach program that encourages outdoor recreationist to take steps to reduce the spread of invasive species. By making sure our equipment is always clean and free of invasive seeds we can head outside and know we are not causing undo harm to our wild places. 


Clean Drain Dry is an education and outreach initiative aimed at stopping the spread of invasive plants, animals, and pathogens between water bodies.  Remember to always "Clean, drain, dry" all boats and equipment after use!


Plant Wise is an education tool for the horticulture industry and consumers to transition towards becoming invasive plant free. The ornamental and edible plants we use in our gardens could have the potential to become invasive, remember to consult the PlantWise guide to find safe non-invasive alternatives.


Don't Let It Loose is an education and outreach initiative that encourages responsible pet ownership. Plants and animals from indoor aquariums and terrariums have the potential to become invasive species.

Fish Bowl

Buy Local, Burn Local is an education and outreach initiative to stop the spread of invaders moving on firewood. Moving firewood, to or from a campground or cabin, can spread invasive species and diseases that can destroy our forests and harm our air and water. Protect our forests by keeping firewood local.

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